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Unmanned PV cleaning solution

The entire machine is capable of withstanding high temperaturesand achieving prolonged autonomous operation. lt featuresceramic/polymer non-lubricating bearings and self-drainingcapabilities for sand resistance. The main frame is constructed from an all-aluminum structure.providing resistance to salt, alkali, and acid rain. The shell ismade of a UV-resistant memory composite material.

Track cleaning robot

Designed for centralized ground photovoltaic power stationswith a significant tilt angle. No manual intervention is requiredduring machine operation; it automatically cleans photovoltaicmodules through a dry cleaning method, simultaneouslyconserving water resources. Highlights include scheduled startup and automatic return aftercleaning; the robot relies on its independent power system tocharge the battery and provide power.

Double-headed electric photovoltaic cleaning brush

As a product developed in 2018 that has acquired both a'national design patent and a utility model patent, thetechnology has matured over the course of two years.Featuring a more rational structure, it boasts high efficiencyin usage, easy operation, and enhanced controllability.Notably, the cleaning efficiency of photovoltaic panelshas seen a tenfold increase. This product is furtherequipped with three power options.

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